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7 Important Bi Latin@s & Latin Americans

"Today is Celebrate Bisexuality Day and we here at xQsí are joining the global celebration. Unfortunately, due to the rampant monosexism that exists both in the LGBTQ communities and in society as a whole, bi/poly/pansexual identities are often erased and marginalized. In order to combat bi invisibility and to celebrate the contributions of our bi herman@s, we present you with our top 7 bi Latin@s/Latin Americans you should know.”

Coming out (or not) to family

I am a 29-year-old bisexual woman and I’ve just recently come to terms with my own sexuality. I have not come out to my family (or to my friends, but I’m pretty sure they know or suspect already). This is not because I think that they would disapprove or disown me. They would probably be fine with it. I just don’t see how it’s any of their business who I choose to be with. I feel like any discussion beginning with “Hey, btw, I’m bisexual” would inevitably lead to a discussion of sex … a discussion with my family… about sex, which quite frankly horrifies me.

A part of me wants to tell them so they can know and accept me for who I am. Another part is hoping they all die soon so it won’t be an issue.



by *PleasurelyPainful

I like gorgeous, tall guys
and beautiful, petite girls

Hair slicked back
or in tight curls

Muscle shirts
Short skirts

Strong arms
Long legs

Toned abs
Lean torso

Flat chests
Soft breasts

Low chuckles
Sweet giggles

Deep stares
Soft glances


I can see the beauty in both
It doesn’t matter to me
Just be yourself
And everyone is happy

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So much going on…

I haven’t been able to keep up over here! Miss everyone, trying to get back in the groove. If anyone would like to act as an admin for a while, send me a message. Thx!


Anonymous said: I think I fall somewhere around a 2 on the Kinsey Scale. I just am trying to come to terms with the fact that I am at all bisexual after having suspicions for about five years, and it's nice to see such a supportive place here on tumblr.


I can’t actually classify my sexuality because I check out males and females. I can be aroused by either sex or what not, so I don’t see myself as a hetrosexual man or a homosexual man. I’m just Chester!

Chester Bennington, Linkin Park (via fuckyeahchesterbennington)

Probably one of the reasons why I have always loved Chester Bennington the most!! =]

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OMDYAY Linkin Park just got even cooler (if that’s possible)

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why is being bisexual/ gay when you’re a chick ‘hot’ or guys love it, however when they see bisexual/ gay guys they think they have a right to beat them down about their sexual preferences? it is just fucking wrong !

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Though I’m the B in LGBT, I often don’t feel like part of the LGBT community.


And I definitely don’t feel like part of the hetero community. 

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Does anyone else strongly dislike being bisexual?


I was I could just like one or the other..


I just said this to someone and wanted to share


As a bisexual girl too, I see myself as a lesbian but I also see myself as straight. To me, yes, being bi is being ‘half gay’ [as you put it] but I see it as more ‘homo and hetero.’

‘Homosexual’ means being attracted to people of the same sex, right? I am. ‘Hetereosexual’ means being attracted to people of the opposite sex. I am.

I am both, that’s how I see it.

I can act completely like a lesbian when talking about girls, it doesn’t make me any less attracted to girls, am I right? I can also act completely straight when talking about a hot guy…once again, my opinion on guys isn’t inferior just because I’m also attracted to girls.

People who see bisexuals as ‘less gay’ or ‘less straight’ than other people look silly if you think of it that way.

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I love being bisexual.

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I told my family about my realization in sexual identity…


My mom’s fine with it. My dad, not so much. He says he still loves me, which I believe. But he goes on to say how I don’t need to be labeling myself, and how I’m too young to know what I really want…

He says that about everything. I hate it. 

I’m perfectly fine with my bisexuality. He needs to accept that.

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Pretty much.

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